FLINT... is considered by some to be New York City's first Modern Graffiti writer.
He was before the army of aerosol artists started creating "Masterpieces" on our subway trains.
FLINT... left his mark and his sayings as a way to communicate to all that he was around
and won't go away.
The impact was so great that one who saw his work in the 60s cannot listen to "Sound of Silence"
without thinking of him.
Buying direct from an artist is the best way to maximize your investment.
The creations here are unique and one of a kind that depended on the feelings of the artist.
Save money now by cutting out the art dealer and gallery and realize prices
which are a fraction of what they are selling for in Europe.
Each art work comes signed on the back and with a letter of authenticity. They are also numbered.
Call us at 917-273-7883 or e-mail me at FlintFotos@gmail.com.
Thank you.